let’s be chessy and post a shisha kiss with my girlfriend <3 
she’s a cool actress and seems to be pretty down to earth
HAKUNA MA’VODKA it means no memories, for the rest of the night  (via suchvodka)

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Anonymous said: where do u find happiness? in tomorrowland or in the arms of your girlfriend? maybe u dont need a key to find cause ure the key yourself

being at tomorrowland and being in the the arms of my gf are two different things and two therefor two different causes for happiness. you cannot compare that. being in my girlfriends arms is the cause for my longtime happiness, tomorrowland was just awesome therefor made me happy, that I was able to be there and experience this festival. 

And btw wasn’t looking for happiness, I was just quoting the tomorrowland bracelet ;) 

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Anonymous said: would u ever kiss someone on the first date?

haha.. well.. I’ve kissed my gf on our first date and we turned out great :D 

even though it was a shock to her, so I’d say just do as you like :D 

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~Music will unite us forever~
Tomorrowland 2014